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  • *** Functionality of this "modification" has been officially added to the Fade behavior in r192 so I'm taking this one down because this serves no purpose anymore ***

    Thanks to everyone who used this, but you better switch to the official behavior now

  • Thanks a lot! I'm realy glad, that you share your work with us... but for me it wont work.

    fade out works fine, but "wait time" and "fade in time" uses 0, no matter what I set (via initialisation or via event). I use release 184 (64bit), tested on two computers via chrome and via firefox. I'm sure you tested everything... any idea?

    Edit: "fade out time" doesn't work when set in initialization; only works via event

  • Hi Shinkan. Sorry, but it doesn't work for me either.

  • Gmadd9 hundredfold

    Hey guys could you send me you capx files?

    I've made it and been using it since r185 all works fine for me. I had no opportunity to test it on r184 personally but my testers never had and have any problems with it.

    Even now I just test it on my current r188 and asked few guys to test it on r184 - every thing you said works for me and for them... So it is a bit strange.

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  • Okay, now things get strange.

    Made a new testproject for you, where everything works fine.

    But my mainproject worked fine with the old fade behaviour. just changed the behavior to fade adv and it wont work anymore...

    Going to test again, but I've got no idea...

  • It is working now and I guess it was something like a nullvalue problem. after a restard, the entry for "fade in" in the object-types-folder has been removed. it was set to 0 before. after having set 0 again, it worked fine. normaly its not possible to save it without an entry... dont know why this was removed.

    Perhaps that was the problem.

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