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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • I'm currently thinking of porting over my Javascript Mode7 engine to Construct, now will construct handle this plugin or am I wasting my time?

    How Mode7 will work, like Final Fantasy you basically have a Background and since the water was animated I'm assuming that there was a good 3-4 bg files than the land mask covered the water background.

    Or if you just want it clean you just need 1 background + a foreground.

  • It would certainly be awesome to have this.

  • Sorry i don't know very well "mode 7" features but seems to be like using 2/3 layers and give to this layers special parallax properties so when moving there is some effects of perspective ? ... it could be really cool doing this without using layers for that ... but also seems possible to do this without any plugin using layers and parallax settings.

  • I think hes talking about skewing a texture, something like:




    Might be fairly easy in webgl, once we get access to that.

    Not so much in javascript, however I believe css3 has some transforms that could handle it.

  • nice SuperNES memories with mode 7 :D

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  • Jesus. Get this plugin done!.. Yes, i would like this plugin to be realized.

  • Mario Kart! Do eeeeet!

  • Yeah this would be a great addition. There's not many engines that support this out of the box.

  • Rukiri : I have some code laying around to have a mode 7, but since I'm sinking in the amount of work I'm currently comitted to, I think you are going to finish it before me.

    My suggestion : don't do any calculation xith the Canvas itself. It's going to be too slow. Use a CSS3 3D transform, by extracting live the graphics from a Sprite, pasting it in a <div> setting the Perspective projection, and having the Sprite skewed and sheared automatically by the GPU.

  • I would forget about Canvas, Div , CSS3 and stuff and try to handle it all with WebGL. It's funny since Wolfstein 3D, that uses the same concept of transforming sprites, was released for browsers recently and it's made entirelly with Divs and div transforms. Pure madness.

  • kiyoshi : the problem with WebGL is that it's not supported on mobile platform, while CSS3 3D transform are.

  • Well that's the core of the problem then. Damn WebGL, or something like it must get full support asap for html5 mobile to win it's space among native solutions.

  • where's the plugin?

  • Have you actually read this thread? ^

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