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  • > hussein


    > I needed this in my app but it was outdated and had a few minor issues. For example the zoom didnt work properly due to the way you had been setting the width and height of the map. I wanted to share it with you and whomever needs it so I uploaded it to my cloud.


    > Below is the download link for the updates I made to your code. I adjusted the version to 1.1 as well.

    > https://lockegames.com/cloud/data/public/osm_h1k3


    > Radulepy


    > The updates I made, now add a popup description to markers.


    Thank you for this update!

    I will probably need this in the future.

    I have tested it and have the problem that when i change the zoom value in the "set focus" command nothing changes? It stays always the same view.

    Do you have an idea why?

    Whoops, I do know. In tweaking things I had momentarily turned off zoom on focus for testing purposes. I forgot the re add it. I'll do that tonight and post an updated link here when I'm done. Be just a few hours from now. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • webstan

    New update: Version 1.2

    Improvements Made:

    1)Added Zoom to the Set Focus function

    2)Added Title to the Set Marker action.

    -When mouse hovers over the marker, this text will display.

    3)Added iconAnchor to the Set Marker action.

    -When using a non default marker, this x,y string states where to place the point(tip that touches the physical address. For example "3,10" will locate the hotspot 3 pixels to the right of the upper left corner and 10 pixels down.

    Download here after a quick ad to support the continued development. Thank you for that in advance.


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  • h1k3

    Any chance you still have latest version to share?


  • webstan

    do you still got this to share?

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