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  • Hi everbody,

    currently I�m working on a game-project like jetpack-joyride. Now I�m looking for a good movement plugin to move all the objects in for-, middle- and background.

    I�ve tested some options with the movement possibilities in c2 to create a good movement but in all of the cases the objects are jerking. The stutters are only in ios and android. Chrome on pc makes no trouble. But jetpack joyride runs actually on devices like iphone 3g very smooth. So there must be a way to fix this problem.

    For a better understanding: The objects have different sizes. There are small objects i.e. 128x128px or big objects i.e. 1024x1024px. In movement there are no differents in jerking by small or big objects. The speed is between 300-400. I�ve tested to move the protagonist only, I�ve tested to move the objects only....jerking. I�ve tested different movement behavious like "in8positions", "custom-movement", "bullet"...

    Is there already a plugin to fix that?

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