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  • You can find here a demo to better understanding the subject =>

    kaazing websocket remote iphone

    This is a plugin idea using the kaazing websocket engine in C2 (or something like that) to bring a way using a mobile (ex : iphone) as a input device for browser html5 games running on another platform ... as you can see in the above sample (webgl browser required), a pin code is created by app and use to validate the access between the game and the remote device ...

    But more than only provide this cool access, i think this plugin could be embelled in a C2 project with some pre existing objects (joystick, buttons, sliders ...) and also give a way to create a unique look remote app which give the feeling that this mobile app is a extension of the main game and not a simple "plug" ... so it could be interesting for many C2 games running on desktop browsers where for example "orientation "device" support could add value to game.

    I'm not a expert... but i think this is possible and it's a cool concept too !

    So i want to have your feelings about this and if someone is interested by creating this plugin i'm ready to give some of my time to help bring this project to life ...

    Thanks to read me ;-p

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  • I think it would be neat to have as well. I dont think it really needs to be anythin specific tho. It seems like just a fancy implementation of client/server where the pin number is used to tell the client which server it should use.

    This could be done with normal networking specially with the input server only working on localhost

  • Thanks aridale ... fear to speaking only to myself on this post ;-p

    I'm a full novice in comm features ... so "yes", i think there is several way to do the comm part and this is the hard part for me ! ;-p but the real challenge stay to find a good perf way to allow realtime control thru web ... so the technology choice is greatly link to perfs.

    Input data send by mobile is the main objective but it could be great also to have a way to display html5 game data on a mobile screen such as score, hit points ... and secret data that must not be see by others players ! ... so mobile can "assists" the main game as some display include now in keyboards.

    Perhaps this part (on local network first) is most easy too create ? sure it could interest many people ;-p

  • yeah basically this is the same thing the WiiU does with its new controllers. Cept it prolly does it via bluetooth.

    How the website you linked does it is a neat implementation with how it spawns basically instanced servers for each user that goes to the page. That was probably the most difficult part to do

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