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  • Hello community.

    We developed jsob, btb, and htmel plugins which we use routinely for

    our Construct 2 port to html and in particular to ELGG.

    We feel they will benefit the community.

    The primary goals are:

    jsob - adds JavaScript object and generalize array object,

    btb - adds more of JavaScript,

    html - adds an arbitrary html element.

    and a bit more ...

    We are using them routinely for half a year, but are busy with other

    projects and not actively developing them.


  • PS. The link to plugin has been removed from my post. So, here is it in "neutral" form:

  • thanks, so now its possible to get some stuff inside construct?

    can you share a simple capx?

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  • Thank you for your interest.

    No, these plugins have modest intent. One can possibly do everything with "eval", but they do bridge better C2 objects and JS and DOM.

    I made demos for htmel and jsob, but did not have time for btb:


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