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  • I cant create any plugins, but it would be an awesome idea and great time and space release on the event sheet, if we could do a event like this:


    I want to create lots of levels but i am bored to put, *if he collides with door go to layout 2,3,4,5,6 etc (for the levels)

    so i create an event:

    HERO(my character)>on collision with door - System>go to NEXT layout(with the order i gave the layouts by dragging them on the projects,layout) folder .

    So every time my hero goes to a door it brings him to the next level automatically..

    What do you say guys? any experts can create this?

  • Name the layouts like "level1", "level2" and so on. Add a variable to the door called id.

    • On collision with door

    > go to layout ("level" &

    You just need to set the id to the number of the next level

  • i thought something else, cant i do an event saying.

    everytime hero collide to door - +1 to id

                                   - go to layout id=layout number


    or something like this, so if i pass everytime the door the id goes +1 and i go to the next level.

  • Sure, but instead of Layout id (doesn't exist) you have to use Layout name

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  • ahh thanx :)

  • your idea about next layout is good when we have different names of layout like my layout names : start,first,2nd,end but still its almost useless that we put plugin just for that XD just use events its much easier hehe :)

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