Flump Animation Plugin for Construct 2 & 3: Is it even Possible?

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  • I'm an artist and game designer (not a programmer) who has been creating HTML5 games for the past 7 years. The developers I've worked have primarily used Haxe and Flambe, as well as the occasional dabbling into Phaser.

    For all these approaches, we've used Flump (http://tconkling.github.io/flump/) to create the majority of our animated assets (I don't think our Phaser runtime was ever shared with the community, however). It's proven to be an incredibly valuable tool, allowing us to create complex animations using Adobe Animate while keeping atlas sizes low. In the right hands, it's even allowed our artists to take on tasks that our developers might otherwise need to handle when animating flourishes on UI elements and other clever effects.

    Is there any possibility this could be ported to Construct 2 / 3 (my personal favorite game development tool - again, not a programmer)? I expect it would yield results comparable to Spriter, except it would leverage Adobe Animate for asset creation (having used both, Animate has been more stable and consistent, imho). I'd be grateful if there was anyone within the community interested in taking this on.

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