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    The Construct 2 :: GFX Plugin.

    Link :: https://www.scirra.com/store/construct2 ... mance-4381

    The Universal Performance and Quality Plugin management system. The main function of this plugin is to improve "performance" by 2 performance modes called "Canvas++" & "Custom++".

    Most 'AAA' games have these options like 'Ultra', 'High', 'Medium' and 'Low' or '100%' to '0%'.

    Well, it is possible in Construct 2 and in the future, Construct 3.


    Canvas++ is a an advanced optimization technique that Experts in the Construct 2 Community have been using for a long time, although it is very difficult to manage, so many factors to consider and even bugs that haven't been solved yet that's the reason not everyone does it. But in this plugin, all are managed, optimized, and even solved entirely with different 'states' and 'modes' automatically or manually just by adding this plugin.


    Custom++ is a system designed to universally manage and control the quality of custom parts of your game efficiently. For example, effects, particles, ambiance and visual limiters. These can all be integrated with the plugin and benefit from the plugin optimization features. This is similar to Canvas++ although the user can freely choose which parts, which object, which values and etc. would be optimized. And it is specially made to ease the amount of work & time in trying to assign these optimizations.


    Aside from the optimization included, the plugin is also full packed with automation features like in which 'AAA' games have. Like when instead of the Player choosing the performance/quality settings. The game automatically sets it by 'default' or 'through-out' the game.

    And this plugin does just that!

    Automation Modes

    There are 4 Automation Modes that is available in the GFX Plugin.

    -Initialize, will check the best performance/quality scale at start of the game.

    -Initialize Call, will check the best performance/quality scale when called.

    -Linear, if active, will continuously check for performance/quality scale until disabled but it will only keep decreasing graphics quality.

    -Parallel, if active, will continuously check for performance/quality scale until disabled. But, unlike 'Linear', it will increase or decrease quality or performance real-time.


    If the automation features doesn't suite your needs. Going manual is also there.

    Construct 3

    The Construct 3 SDK is still not available and the features that work on Construct 2 runtime doesn't quite work well on Construct 3. I will try to support it as soon as I can but that would be up to Scirra.


    -Game Graphics Quality Options

    -Choose Graphics Quality Automatically, On Start of Game, On Call or Real-time.

    -Manage Performance game all at once with a standard method.

    -Faster Performance


    -Automated Algorithm is still in its BETA state, there are some bugs and as of this writing, I am still working on a Stable and more Reliable Algorithm that is still not finished, but as soon as it is, i'll let anyone who bought this know.


    -For Quick Support : Visit me on the Discord Server : Construct Community

    -I am one of the member : 'ChadoriXD'

    -Invite Link : https://discord.gg/G3N57fG

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  • [quote:3ny29hyj]The Construct 3 SDK is still not available...

    EDIT: Interesting Plugin.. I need this for CS3 Runtime

  • [quote:2uotbl0y]The Construct 3 SDK is still not available...

    EDIT: Interesting Plugin.. I need this for CS3 Runtime

    Yeah. I just read that today. Thank you for notifying me though. I will support as soon as I can but I'm not sure yet whether it has what I need but I'll keep you posted.

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