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  • I'm looking for someone clever who can help write a raycasting plugin that would allow construct 2 to be used to more easily create old ID style games

    javascript/canvas raycasting example and source files here

    I'm pretty good with JS, but I'm looking for a few unique features that someone with construct 2 plugin API knowledge could get accomplished much faster than myself.

    The plugin can be yours to sell or distribute however you want, all I ask is that I can use it for free :)

    If anyone's interested just post a response and I'll post more about the features in Construct 2 I'm looking for.

  • This thread may get more attention if you posted it in the plugins section of the construct 2 forums, this is for construct classic, may have more luck if it's in the correct section :)

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  • Also, Ashley states in THIS post that ray-casting is not currently feasible.

  • i consider raycasting a 3d technique, i know that essentially the maps are 2D but you need to save wall textures and are preferable going to need to draw the map with vectors, two things 2d does not expect.. it's like trying to use the wrong tool for the job because this is more the domain of a 3d game engine...

    and the engine i'd suggest would be the doom engine.. it's open source xD

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