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  • Hello all,

    Well I wanted make a screen saver capable of rendering my Construct2 creations so I thought I'd give C# a dabble!

    I've kinda got the result I was looking for, it's a bit slow and the blasted mouse events aren't working but hey, if someone will make use of it maybe I'll take another look but atm it is provided very much 'AS IS' !



    *Configure the screensaver with the URL to your hosted project

    *The Screensaver starts in Demo Mode (ie. key and mouse(not working) events exit the application - As a screensaver should.

    *Toggle CapsLock on to 'Interact' with your project (ie. not exit on key/mouse etc etc blah blah)

    Hope someone makes use of it.. I might post up the .NET solution if anyone wants to make it better.



  • got bored so fixed all the issues and added a few features (interactive preview and dual monitor support(kinda i dont have dual monitors to test))

    Also apologies I meant to post this in the general forum :


  • Hi liaeb

    Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing.

    Is there a way for the C2 game loaded into your tool to be aware it is running in a "screensaver mode"?

    If there can be some easy way for a game to be aware of it, people might start making games that autostart in demo mode, when loaded via your screensaver thing.


  • Hi Greg,

    Yes I think it should be possible...

    I just quickly tried passing a custom User-Agent String with URL in my code which would have been ideal but it seems it's really inconsistent - even me visiting in Chrome 5 times returns different values?! :S

    Still let me have a think and I'll see what I can come up with.



  • Hello to anyone watching this thread,

    To identify if your Construct2 project is running in the 'ScreenSaver' Mode you can simply append the Project URL (inside the ScreenSaver configuration) with HTTP query string and then evaluate that in your project.

    For example.. in the configuration form of the screensaver set the URL to something like;

    (the ?ThisIsInScreenSaverMode being the important bit)

    And then within your Construct2 project evaluate the Browser expression > Query String = "?ThisIsInScreenSaverMode"

    Greg I hope this helps you :)

    Also I've been working on a number of other features such as enable GPU Rendering, the IE emulation mode (for compatibility) etc so hopefully will have an updated version soon for (at least Greg) to play with :)



  • Now this is an idea I like, and one of the features I thought was pretty handy in MMF2.

    Thanks for your time, effort and work on this handy screensaver (loader). It is a great feature\option.

    Now if we could only export a .scr without needing to link to a website(I would keep the option though). I don't particularly like my screensaver connecting to the web but others don't mind.

    I guess one could use the Node-Webkit plug-in but it would still need wrapped some how?

    As I am not well versed in programming this challenge is beyond me. Perhaps someone will take it up or the Construct team might just add it as an example exporter or something.

    Thanks again Daniel and don't think your work is unappreciated just because only a few people post.


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  • Hey Squid,

    Glad you liked the idea... I thought it was a good idea too tbh :)

    I've haven't actually done anything with this project since my last post but I'd still like to finish it off.

    Next few weeks I'll be working away on the night shifts again so It'll be a good opportunity to pass the time and get this finished.

    I'll update this thread with any developments.

    Oh and re. the Web-Node kit I'm not sure you can do this via the Construct export function but if you can somehow specify command line arguments to the compiled .exe then I'm sure it can be done. This is as a screensaver file (.scr) is solely an executable that's passed a flag (ie. /S = screensaver mode /C = config button menu /p = preview mode)

    Still I'll have a ganders at that too if I get time..



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  • Hellooo...

    Construct2Saver Updated:

    * Enables GPU Rendering by default

    * Pages are displayed in IE10 Standards mode

    Unless anything is 'broken' this will likely be the final version of the Construct2Saver.

    I plan to work on another variant of this project but it'll be a bit more multi purpose driven and probably hosted on my site - when I make one :)



  • Hey Folks,

    I went to update this today to use the IE11 standards control however it appears I've deleted the project.. :(

    If anyone feels it worth while I'll rewrite it (possibly even make it better) else you can achieve the same thing by changing the registry if you want (see -


  • Is this still viable for C2? liaeb , its been a while since the last update

  • Hi ,

    Sorry for the late reply, I don't come here too often..

    I went to respond earlier but I found a bug which I have spent the day resolving - It was always rendering in the IE6 emulation mode.

    Now you'll have the ability to select between IE10/IE11 & IE11.1 (EDGE) rendering modes and an option to offset rendering to the GPU. These are available through the screensaver settings but are off by default.

    I will upload the new installer (MSI) to the site a little later once I remember how to do it



  • It would appear I have introduced some other bugs (typical after I have just overwritten my server-side copy) *sigh*

    While I'll take a look at ironing these out tomorrow I can say that the performance issues are now sorted! yay!

    I'll upload some HTML5 performace stats once everything is finalised


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