C2 Plugins and Behaviors List

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  • well, my english is not good enough for this. i am writing a list in german, and maybe we can find somebody to translate.

  • I can try my hands at it, but I'm not as fluent in German as I am in English.

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  • so i finished the list on construct-games.de here. it's being updated as often as possible.

    feel free to use and translate it for this thread.

    regards, xeed

  • Are games still uploadable to Arcade within the use of those (or any) plugins?

  • Cassianno: No. For now, Arcade does not support any third-party plugin.

  • Cassianno: No. For now, Arcade does not support any third-party plugin.

    Thanks for the info Kyatric.

  • <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Thanks and congratulations to all developers for Construct <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks for the list. This makes life a lot easier. Thanks again.

  • Does anyone know if the plugins are compatible/will work if you export your game to other devices (native apps) through phonegap and such programs?

  • Xavier: Most should be compatible, as long as they don't use specificities to desktop browsers or that phonegap and such can't deal with.

    Their code is minified inside the C2runtime.js exported file.

  • Thank you.

  • I feel like an idiot not using this for my games. Where have i been lol. Face palm. I was somewhat scared of the plugins and behaviors for some reason. Im like a kid in a candy store now. thank you guys.

  • Hi kyatric

              I am new to construct 2 and I am new to javascript as well. I wonder if there is any plugin for resizing basic shapes like rectangles in runtime?

    Basically what I wana do is just like drag and drop behaviour the user needs to resize an object in the runtime. It would be really great if there is any plugin or behaviour for it. If not, can some one please help me to give a template and general idea about it? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



  • sudhar: actually you don't need an extra plugin.

    You basically need to use a Sprite object, a Mouse object, and when the cursor of the mouse is over the Sprite, you change the width/height of the sprite according to the mouse position.

    Check this commented capx (r95) to see exactly a way of doing this with events.

    If you need more help on this issue, start a new topic in the "How do I" forum.

  • Hello Kyatric

                   Thanks for the super quick response and the idea about the resize . I am trying to achieve exactly like the following link.


    where I wana resize and drag and drop shapes as well.

    I am working on creating a portal just like MS Paint where user can click on some objects in a panel and can resize , drag and drop it, on the fly. I thought of having a panel plugin which contains all the basic shapes like circle, rectangle,triangle etc. So if the user clicks on the circle icon in the panel a circle will be drawn on the canvas. Then the user can resize that circle like the link I pasted above. This is the big picture of my current work. Let me know if I need to start a new topic about this in HOW DO I.



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