C2 Plugins and Behaviors List

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  • I would REALLY love to see some descriptions...

  • Kyatric, thanks so much for creating this consolidated list of behaviors and plugins. Its been invaluable for me learning how use Construct2 and I must say it's probably the Topic I visit the most on these forums. Thanks Again!

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  • NorrinRadd: As far as I'm concerned, I don't consider using third part plugins as "a good way" to learn C2.

    I'd even think it is the opposite, as some of those extensions will only provide something you can already do with events. Perhaps it makes things easier to some level, but I wouldn't say it teaches you how to use the event system.

    I personally use very little third-part plugins. ATM, I think the only one is the Spriter plugin, which I believe isn't even part of this list as it was released in the Construct2 general forum and probably will be proposed as part of C2 once it is completed.

  • Kyatric, very true. Sorry, just too excited about using Construct2. I do in fact use core functions as much as I can, just very pleased that for some things Construct2 cannot do (or not as easily), it's nice that others have built ways for it to be done, which I am very grateful for. I will be checking out your class video as well...

  • NorrinRadd: No need to apologize, we're just discussing point of views.

    I'm a bit "jaded" since I've been using C2 for so long, some of its discovery joy burst have passed, but I concur on acknowledging its power and what it allows us to make.

  • I have a question about plugins in general.

    I used to use Multimedia Fusion 2 (I was forced to use it for a Uni course), and something that really hacks me off about that program is that it boasts about all the functionality it has via extra plugins, but then you can't use most of them if you want to export to multiple formats later on (e.g. android, iOS, etc.)

    Is that the same here? MMF2 was very reliant on external plugins to get things done. Will the plugins above (in general) work on multiple formats/export paths?

    I understand that Scirra can't vouch for the quality of externally developed plugins, but what's the general situation?

  • Psynaptik: The extensions are written in Javascript and are part of the main JS file when you export your project.

    So unless they rely on specific libraries or dependencies that are not available/supported by the wrapper, when exporting to mobile for example, it should work without issue.

    But as you said, third-parties are not "supported" by Scirra, it's the author's responsibility to make them work and most of the authors will react when you are posting in the topics of their extension.

    So an extension like R0j0hound's canvas (which "replace" the rendering window) is likely not to work as intended on mobile export - actually erroneous, R0j0's plugin should work without issues - , but for other extensions that are more of "logical" scope, there should be no issue at all.

  • That's great - thanks for the clarification.

    I've spent a few hours with C2 today and I'm fired up to get creating again. MMF2 was fine for very basic prototyping, but if you wanted to actually finish a project and publish online or on mobile, it was horrendously restrictive, not to mention expensive for what it is.

    I think I have found my replacement!

  • Kyatric

    Actually all my plugins should work fine on any exported platform as they only use features that c2 already uses internally.

    Plugins in general should work on all exports, although exports like cacoonjs has no support for window controls like buttons or dropdown boxes. And things like file system access is only available on node webkit exports.

  • R0J0hound my bad for the wrong informations, I'll edit my previous statement to correct this.

  • Is there a Google Play Games plugin? I don't know how long ludei will need for this plugin. Are there alternative plugins adding Google Play Games to construct 2? Thanks!

  • Is there a more current and updated list of plugins?

  • bremen: The list is up to date as can be.

    Since the change of forum, there is an issue with the bbcode that I'm waiting on Tom to resolve before resuming the updates.

    You can find the not yet listed plugins in the monthly "What you may have missed" topics.

    Only two months missing isn't that much I think but thank you for your concern.

  • Kyatric ok thank you, glad to know its still going to be updated in the future

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