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  • Niek there is one it' call SVG Canvas by person name - pode SVG Canvas

  • There are a lot of defunct plugs now.

  • Nice!!! thanks you!!

  • hello and first of all sorry for my english. i'm wondering in c2 for nearly a month now and i really like it. can i ask a question for you all? is there any LaTeX (Lamport TeX) plugin available in right now or creating your own is possible? were having a project in our school and i am searching high and low for latex plugin in c2 or a alternative plugin for c2 but i failed. need help. thank you

  • Hi. I downloaded and put the EaseTween behaviour in my behavior folder, but it still does not reflect when I open Construct 2.

    Is there an alternate way to install the behavior

  • Snikoggs

    Hi. I downloaded and put the EaseTween behaviour in my behavior folder, but it still does not reflect when I open Construct 2.

    Is there an alternate way to install the behavior

    Wrong place to post this question. You should post in the relevant Plugin thread.

    It looks to me like they are .c2addon files, and as such, the installation method is to drag and drop the file onto the Layout window when C2 is open. This will install the behavior automatically.


  • Delaire: I'm not aware of an existing LaTeX plugin or add on.

    Addon creation is done through the SDK.

    Although, I'm not sure how you would make such a software, knowing the current text sources in C2 are the text, textbox and spritefont objects.

    Study those already and see if you think you could format their text thanks to a third-part plugin or behavior. Some of them already support CSS.

    Snikoggs: In another sticky topic named : How to install plugins and behaviors.

    If you have issues with a specific addon, consider posting in the topic of this addon to get support from its author.

    As it is a behavior, you should only see it appear in the Add behavior dialog, nowhere else.

  • Is there a plugin that can be used to integrate an external Javascript API ?

    I have a client that wants to integrate their own API for Ads and leaderboards, but don't have a C2 plugin . It can be done maybe with AJAX plugin or another?

  • Kyatric Thanks. I guess I will have to learn it eventually, but I'm not that good at JavaScript.

  • Cipriux: You can always also look into the Browser's "Execute JavaScript" action.

    It still requires to know/understand JavaScript though.

  • I have an idea... why not have a zip that automatically (but can be changed) extracts to c:\program files\construct 2\html\exporters\plugins...

    called "EveryDarnPlugin.zip"

    That would be cool. Update it once in a while with updated plugins.

    "EveryDarnBehavior" and "EveryDarnEffect" might be helpful too.

    Has someone already done this or something like this?

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  • There is such a thing. Self installing plugin, I forgot the extension, but if you drag it in C2 window it will install to proper drectory

  • ".c2addon" - https://www.scirra.com/forum/how-to-install-plugins-and-behaviors_t63985

    But what sinistar proposes here is a file that compiles "all plugins".

    I don't personally use a lot of plugins, or see there use of a good eye. A lot of people tend to use them as a bandaid instead of learning how to do things through events.

    It also adds the inconvenience that when you later ask a question and post your capx in the forums, using plugins, people have to have the same plugins installed in order to open the capx and answer the question, which is, most of the time, a huge PIA.

    Moreover, all plugins are not necessary for everyone.

    That is my personal opinion though, and if a majority of persons are in favor, perhaps such a package should be made.

  • Kyatric is 100% right. I don't want all plugin. I only download I want than install it.

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