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    The Construct2 debugger, coded with the libraries of awesomium for Construct2. It took me a day to design so it can have some bugs, if you share them i will do my best to fix it. It has some resolution options where you can get a clear view how your game looks in difirent sizes. Hope you like it. It's open source, if you know something about .net you know its possible to see the codes it's not crypted.


    The setup is easy, install the software.(got 2 .dll's 1 .exe)

    1.In Construct2 choose under preferences/html5 exporter the option "custom browser" and select the installed browser.exe in the "Program files/Ethem acar/exe/browser.exe".

    2.Choose in the game options "preview browser" option "Custom" and try it out! Don't forget to leave a comment.

    Download :

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  • It does not work for me :(

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