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  • Modded Platform by Paco


    + Layer Filtering : Optionally ignore solids and jumpthrus on other layers.

    Update: 20/Nov/2016

    + Reimplemented Layer Filtering using C2 v239


    http://www.mediafire.com/file/dy41za8h7 ... rmpaco.zip


    http://www.mediafire.com/file/dasj5wt6d ... amples.zip

    I leave this more for historic record. But I don't think this Behaviour will go further than this.

    Orig Post :

    Well i was having a problem about having platformers and solids on multiple layers and i didn't wanted them to be detected from one layer to another, when i searched the forums i couldn't find a good solution, but i did find others with the same issue (http://www.scirra.com/forum/platform-ob ... page1.html), so i decied to give a try on the plugin.


    BAsically, this are the extensions (only one so far)

    + Layer filtering: If enabled, the platform will only be affected by solids and jumpthrus in the same layer that its present.


    I also want to add some other extensions, like, the ability to configure the slope tolerance, or integrated doble jump, or the "make jump according to how long the jump key is pressed" and things like that... probably kind of on demand, and depending on my spare time...

    I hope it is useful to someone, enjoy, and comment with no restrictions (except those of the forum code of conduct, you know)

    PD:Sorry for the bad grammar and all, not my native language, also not very awake right now

    Edit; weird, half the post is gone... not a big half thou.. wait i can't post links... i posted it without the links before? whatthe?Paco2013-08-07 21:15:42

  • Awesome Paco!

    Please add the Wall Jump too (if you not added) .. is much requested by platformer! :)

    Thanks ..

  • Thanks.

  • Edit; weird, half the post is gone... not a big half thou.. wait i can't post links... i posted it without the links before? whatthe?Remember to click PREVIEW first. Cookies expire way too fast.

  • Hi Paco,

    reupload Behaviour please. Thx.

  • tomek , Hola, �Do you mind waiting until tomorrow, right now I can't check if the uploaded version is the last one?

    In the mean time, check this thread, it might help you.

    Also, this version is "old" in comparison with the official "Platform", you should have that in mind.

  • Paco


    tomorrow it's fine :) THx

  • tomek:


    This is the behaviour and this are the examples.

    Any question you have don't hesitate to ask me... you should have in mind this is not implemented on bullets or other movments that uses collision...

    If you wish this was part of the construct engine, you can resurrect this thread and do a little lobby :)

  • Amazing job Paco!! A lot of people wanted this including me. Thanks.

  • Paco

    TThanks for this stuff. I just create me first game and i have problem with collision object on layers. I am beginner in construct 2 <img src="smileys/smiley12.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Check this one, maybe you can help me to add the layer filter functionality.

  • Updated to be based on Scirra's Platform from C2 v239

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