[Behavior] Sprite Effects & inject Text on Sprite

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  • bjadams : I'm just adding a new build to the first post. There's no problem anymore with Families. I'm trying something to get Safari working for the next release...

  • GREAT work Pode.

    Big thanks from the heart, I can't express in words how precious this plugin is.

    I will test it out asap!

  • All : first post updated. Works on Safari too.

    Added Simple Blur and Change RGB.

  • second time you apply an rgb tint, it's not working for me on Safari.

    all other browsers work 100%

  • bjadams all : I'll repost here what I told you in PM, to be sure everbydoy is on the same page <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> : it's working in Safari, however the browser is slow to update when an effect has been applied. Even when saving the image, applying an effect and resetting the image, I need sometime to wait a bit before reapplying a new effect.

    I'll dig further in Safari to know what can be done.

  • Pode how slow is that? does it take 1-2 seconds or 10-20 seconds?

    I am also experimenting with other options for TINT to avoid save&restore. I will post back my findings later on...

  • After a couple of hours of experimentation I found out that on SAFARI, it's the actual SAVE and RESET functions that are slow. The actual TINT command itself is very fast and works time after time on the same sprite.

    I noticed that there is a new Replace RGB command.

    Could it be possible to make another similar command, where ALL the colours of the sprite are REPLACED to 1 single colour (white in my case), but BLACK is PRESERVED?

    If I had this command I could apply this colorizing to turn a coloured sprite back to WHITE without using SAVE & Reset, and then TINT to a new colour!

  • bjadams : you can use the "whiten" function, in the new build at the first post.

    All : updated first post, with new functions & effects :

    • perspective transform.
    • blending modes
    • whiten above RGB
    • darken above RGB
  • This plugin is really getting bigger & more powerful!!!!!

    Pode, since my project is now done, and my kid very proudly went to his first day of school showing what he did in summer, I am going to keep my project running as is.

    i will test the whiten feature as soon as i have some time, and see if it offers a better option over what i have now.


  • bjadams : I'm happy that your son was proud of his project ! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />.

    All : updated first post with new build (v2), adding the "keep RGBA channel" function.

  • The color tint is not working for me in Release 103.2

    It could be just me but can anyone else verify this.

  • Do you think I could use your plugin to do a movement detection (i.e. getting sprite1 from camera, getting sprite2 from camera, pasting blue into Alpha, and then xor-blending sprite 1 and sprite 2? I tried to do that with webgl effects -- but they are applied only on video memory and resulting images are not accesible for canvas.

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  • Is there a limit to how big the sprite can be?

    I wanted to try out the perspective function and have been trying to change a 1024x1024 sprite, but it won't change at all. I checked the example capx and that works. I resized the thing to 1024x300 (so 1024x512 in vram usage) but no dice.

    The idea I had was to use the perspective function to make a floor that would change perspective as you moved. But even if it did indeed work it wouldn't be feasible since the change is far too slow even in the example to even consider doing it realtime, every tick.

  • Perspective doesn't seem to work as expected.

    after inputting coordinates the last one isn't seen on the event-sheet.

    instead there's an (0,{1}) for the first coordinate?

  • msv0001 : strange, I don't have that bug. Can you provide the .capx ?

    arcalaus : I see what you want to do. I need to add a function to the plugin to do that (substract or XOR).

    inkBot : since everything is calculated in JS (no WebGL shader), when the size is too big (1024� seems a bit heavy), and if your machine isn't ultra-recent, if think the calculation is going to be killed byt the browser after some time. NEver had any problem with texture of 512� and under.

    LittleStain : it's a bug in the display in the IDE, it's working when you run it, (at least it should).

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