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  • Any news?

  • bjadams : I'm sorry, I tried to reproduce your bug, and everything was working. What build of Chrome are you using ? Canary ?

    I have updated the first post with a new build. Can you check if you still have the bug ?

    If it's still not working for your case, you can also extract the image with my "Extract as base64" plugin, save it in a var, do all you want to do with the effects, and reinject the saved string if you want to revert everything. It's not straightforward, but it works.

    All : I have updated the first post with a new build : new effects !

    Kyatric : is it possible to change the name of this plugin in the plugin list to reflect the new function (it's now doing Text & Effects, and not only Text as before). Thanks !

  • Welcome back PODE!

    I am using the latest Chrome v21.0.1180.79

    The problem is also present on Safari.

    It could be that I am doing something wrong, but it works great on Firefox and IE9

    I will try the new update and let you know!


  • Just tested your demo on Chrome and it seems to work fine! GREAT work! Let's hope i will make my colouring book work then!

    BUT there is a problem on Safari!

    1. Press save

    2. Press colorize Red. Works ok

    3. Press restore. Works ok.

    4. Press colorise Blue. IT DOES NOT WORK

    It would be really great if you could check it out and maybe fix the problem if it does not involve so much work, so that I can make my colouring book work on the iPad!!!

    Thanks a lot once again!

  • On Chrome the plugin does not work with FAMILIES. On IE9 and Firefox all works 100%

  • bjadams : I tested it on Safari :

    BUT there is a problem on Safari!

    1. Press save

    2. Press colorize Red. Works ok

    3. Press restore. Works ok.

    4. Press colorise Blue. IT DOES NOT WORK

    and you are right, there's a problem. It seems that when you restore an image with it's initial value, you can't apply effects anymore on Safari. I need to dig deeper inside Safari inner working to understand how they handle security policies regarding base64 images.

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  • I'm giving your plugin quite a ride :)

    Did you also have a look about Families problem (it happens only in Chrome)?

    Thanks a lot from me & my little anxious kid

  • bjadams : I'm going to check the families problem. Does it happens when you have several Sprites in a Family, and one of them has the behavior, or all of them ?

    By the way, what kind of coloring book are you doing ? I don't know if you saw it, but I gave some code to R0j0Hound to integrate the "floodfill" ('paintbucket') in the Canvas plugin. With that, you can colorize black & white images with color where you put your finger.

    (My question : your "anxious little kid", is it your inner child, or your real child ? <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />)

  • my kid is a real human being, he is 5 years old. i turned his drawings into sprites with white areas with bold black borders, and thanks to your plugin, it was very easy to do a simple colouring book. my kid is very enthusiastic about the project and would really love to take it to school to show it to the other kids.

    i have applied the behaviour only to the family, not to the individual sprites. it would be no problem to apply the behaviour to every sprite too, but it made no difference. i want to colour the top sprite that is clicked from the family.

    the floodfill plugin is not adequate in this occasion. it's too long story to explain! your plugin fits perfectly, but it's only working on firefox and ie9. usually things work on chrome and firefox and not on other browsers!!!

    thanks a lot for your dedication and great help.

  • I found another problem.

    In the previous version of the plugin, if i have an ll white sprite with a black outline, all the white was TINTed correctly.

    In this new version of the plugin, the ALL WHITE section is not TINTed at all. Just the greyish anti aliasing between the grey and the white are coloured :(

  • bjadams : does it works that way when you say to respect white pixels, not to respect white pixels, or all the time ?

  • Pode excuse my ignorance but where can I choose whether to respect white pixels or not? Went through all the possible behaviour options but cannot find this option

  • All : new build on first post. Now every function where it makes senses have the option to respect white pixels or not.

    bjadams : I updated the first post with a new build. You were right, I only added the option to respect white pixels to the "Invert" effect. Now every effect where it makes sense offers that option.

    I also added a new .capx for the demo, because on my machine, with Chrome, the behavior works with Families.

    If it doesn't work with your white Sprite having a black border, can you post here the .capx (or give me a link via PM) to help me debug it ?

  • thanks a lot Pode I am going to test this new version extensively.

    yes its a good idea to send you a test capx so that you can check it out, if i find that families still don't work.

    any good news on the safari dilemma?

  • confirmed that if i switch respect white color to off, plugin works fine as before, so thanks a lot for that option.

    checking families now...

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