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  • Document, plugin and sample capx are included.


    • Click to put feed (green box). Bird which found feed would try to eat it. ( action: Apply force toward position )
    • Bird would avoid purple box. ( action: Separation )
    • Bird would do flocking if it had not found any feed. ( action: Cohesion, action: Alignment, action; Separation )

    Compare with boids behavior

    The main different between rex_boid behavior and boids behavior is-

    older boids behavior would control the position and angle directly, this new one only provide angle of steering force. User needs to apply this into its AI behavior. In this demo, each sprite is controlled by car + solid behavior.

  • rexrainbow , this looks amazing and already very promising! It has a very procedural and organic feel, it reminds me games-of-life type of simulations!

    I can't open the capx you shared, your work-in-progress boids behavior is nowhere to be found. I wouldn't expect to publish it already, I mention it just because you posted the demo's capx.

    By the way, the "-drag to move window" functionality is also very cool! You use your own "Touch Area" behavior for this?


  • Yeah the other boids was nice, but very limited.

    One suggestion might be object avoidance.

  • eli0s

    Sorry, I forgot to post the link.

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/577 ... boids.html

    The ACE might be changed since it still works in progress.


    "Drag to move window" is implemented by this behavior, plus scroll to behavior.

  • newt

    Yes, I would add obstacles avoidance.

  • rexrainbow , the rex_touchdirection2 is an other beautiful behavior! I was confused at first because the behavior within C2 is called Dragging vetctor and not touch direction. But after realizing that, it's very easy to use!

    As for the rex_boids behavior, thank you so much for uploading it! It's very usable as it is but (there is always a but isn't it?) is it possible to make it self-autonomous? I mean, with out the need for so many other behaviors to do the line-of-sight checking and the driving (moving) force..? I'm not saying that it shouldn't use those build in behaviors, but make them work under the hood somehow..?

    Anyway, thank you again for all your work and contribution to the community!

    ps: I am amazed about you not working officially for Scirra. I hope that you'll have (and I think that you should have, R0J0 also) an active part in C3's development.

  • eli0s

    I am confused for the name of "Dragging vector" sometime. I could not remember why I made the name inconsistently.

    Second, I thought the usage of boids and LJpotential would be similar, they only provide a hint for the movement of sprite.


    [quote:1v4g68k0]What is the moving behavior of this sprite?


    [quote:1v4g68k0]How to use this hint?

    would be other topics.

    Another things about picking neighbors by line-of-sight. Uh, I would try not to repeat this function again in my plugin, since it almost copied form other plugin, sorry.

    line-of-sight and boids would work together well.

  • rexrainbow , hehe, it's not even a "vector" , it's mentioned as "vetctor"! I guess you were really tired at the time

    About the boids, I understand, I'm just nitpicking because I am lazy and want everything served on a golden plate

    I see that you skipped answering at the e.g. on my previous post, and that isn't very encouraging I really do hope for Ahsley to expand Scirra's working force and, from what I see in the forums, there are a few people around that could really contribute a lot to the software, you being one of them.

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  • eli0s

    The steer force in boids or LJpotential is a vector, the angle is "Expression:ForceAngle", and the scale is "Expression:ForceMagnitude" in polar axis. Or ( "Expression:ForceDx" , "Expression:ForceDy" ) in orthogonal axis.

    But I only use "Expression:ForceAngle" in my sample. I would try to make another sample which using both boids or LJpotential behaviors.

    Car behavior is one of possible moving behavior, it might use physics behavior, or just move sprite with bullet + set angle.

    Sorry I had missed the last section. I prefer to make 3rd plugins even in C3.

    The philosophy of official plugins might not be the same as 3rd plugins. Official plugins should be stable to become the foundation of engine/event sheet. 3rd plugins could be more aggressive.

    I am interested in mapping requirements into well design plugins + events.

  • I understand rexrainbow , thank you for clearing this out. You know what's best for you of course, I just stated the obvious, that you have contributed a lot and that your effort is very valuable to the rest of the community.

    I look forward to see the rex_boids behavior in it's final form!

    Thanks again!

  • Update:

    Try to add obstacles avoidance.

    Demo, capx

    It uses separation term of boids behavior to make obstacles avoidance.

  • Looking forward to the results

  • Great, this one will be very useful. Will it be possible to set TargetX/Y for individual instances?

  • Great, this one will be very useful. Will it be possible to set TargetX/Y for individual instances?

    It might put dummy sprites instead of set position and angle by action of this behavior. Did I get your requirement?

  • Not sure if the old one had it, but it would be nice if you could dynamically set the distances .

    Like having the units spread out wider by an X's radius, something like a scatter, but still following, effect.

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