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  • is this a good replacement for Pin To Image Point plugin by Rexrainbow?

  • KENYONB Yes, this one does the same plus a ton of other useful pinning methods. I use this one in all my projects and can strongly recommend it.

  • thanks I am looking for new pin plugins since Rex is not supporting his anymore. I have his Pin plugin in one of my C2 projects now that I was hoping to port to C3, but that plugin never got ported.

    Prominent Is this available for C3? if not, are you going to port it?

    And Ashley is there any chance these extra features might be included in the default behavior? or any reason why should avoid this pluign if it forks the default plugin?

  • I can't run C3 on my machine, so I can't develop plugins for C3.

  • I can't run C3 on my machine, so I can't develop plugins for C3.

    Prominent but C3 runs on any machine in any browser AFAIK. I haven't had an issue on Windows or Mac.

    What problems are you having?

  • What problems are you having?

    My laptop is almost 10 years old, and I'm currently stuck with it cuz my life sucks... :\

  • Sad to read this. If you support the plug-in for the C3 in the Scirra Store I will buy it.

  • As a feature request, can you add an action set relative position & a condition compare relative position including the X & Y actions & conditions.

    This is to add an offset position to the object which has the Pin Behavior while it is pinned to another object. So it can freely move within the Pinned To object.

    Also, if it is possible and you have the time. Can you implement a compatibility to other behaviors like the Bullet Behavior by setting its position relative to the native set position, x, y. This is a tough one compared to the other one so only if you want to and have the time to do it.


  • i would love to see this come to C3. Keep us posted if you port it. Start a Kickstarter for a new laptop Prominent !!!

  • Can I create snake-like object that moves and turns it's segments with the special angle that depends of head angle? I tried to do this but I only was able to create a snake that have the same segment angle with head.

  • Can somebody convert this plugin to Construct 3? We really need it.

  • What's the word on a possible C3 update?

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  • What's the word on a possible C3 update?

    I won't be able to do anything with it until I update my computer (can't run c3).. which could be early next year.. c3 plugin system seems very confusing to me though.

    also, at the moment i dont have any incentive to use c3, considering there are other options more appealing to me.

  • That's understandable, however unfortunate.

    If you ever change your mind, know that we'd be extremely grateful.

  • Prominent Well, not sure if this is long since abandoned but I figured I'd ask. I was using this behavior and some of the features seem to be finicky.

    For example when I set to Zindex to in front/behind, it doesn't always seem to work. Firstly I'm assuming that say, Zindex=behind means the pinned object should automatically get positioned behind the object it's pinned to, right? However this doesn't always seem to translate to runtime. Am I doing something wrong?

    Edit: after messing around for a bit I found that this seems to happen if the objects are on the same layer in the editor. Moving one of the objects to a different layer (again, in the editor, not runtime) seems to correct this for some reason.

    Edit 2: in one instance it only seems to work properly if the object being pinned to has Zindex disabled. What I was trying to achieve was something like this:

    A is pinned ON TOP of C

    B is pinned UNDER A

    = B is sandwiched between A and C

    This seemed to work correctly when I tested it in a fresh file, but when I tried the same in my main project object B kept getting placed ON TOP of A no matter how much I fiddled with it. However, when I set A's Zindex=disabled, it started working properly. I'm very confused. At least it works lol

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