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  • [Discussion is getting a bit out of the Moveto Behavior's scope. If that's a problem I'll post this thread in another place]


    Wow, this seem to be just what I need! I implemented your code in the game's code, but up to now I didn't manage to get the same result as in your capx... I don't understand very much what's happening, but deleting the "solid" and "pushOutSolid" behaviors and replacing them with your code (updating the player and wall objects with mine, of course) let the player pass through the walls.

    I tried to change the 16 value that you suggested to change, it behaves differently but not really better, being stopped by the walls but "jumping" from one palce to another.

    Any idea of what's happening? Any advice on how to implement your clever code into my game's code?

    Here is the capx of this part of the game :

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j9hoth2oty56 ... tKYWa?dl=0

  • Rable

    I don't have all the plugins needed to open your capx.

    Did you add the four imagepoints to the corners of the walls? The first needs to be top-left, then clockwise top-right ... and so on. If you have that and it's still not working then maybe there is a typo.

    If you think you may have made a typo you could just copy my events over as is. Take my capx and rename player to charWoldmap, and walls to collision. Then select all the events and copy it (ctrl+c). Next go to your capx and you can paste it (ctrl+z).

  • Oh, sorry, I just forgot to add the 4 image points! I was to enthusiastic to take the time to place them. ^^'

    I'll try again and I'm sure it will work this time.


    Edit :

    Wow, it's working perfectly now! Thanks a LOT R0J0hound , without your code I would have had to use a completely different (and lesser) solution.

    Thanks a lot to rexrainbow too, of course, for the original moveto behavior!

  • First I would like to say a very big thank you for this great plugin. It's a real time saver. However, I have some questions. Maybe I'm not getting things exactly right..

    I'm doing a game where an alert(a background image and two buttons) pops down from top of the screen (invisible area) to the main screen, when a player fails. Basically the alert pops down and says "You have failed, would you like to continue?", and then a "YES" and "NO" button to either continue or exit to the main menu.

    So, I'm moving these 3 image objects(the background, "Yes" button and "No" button) using the MoveTo plugin. Coming down is fine, however, when the user chooses YES, the alert is supposed to go back up into the invisible area so the game can continue but it isn't. It's almost like it tries to, but hangs immediately. Moves about 1 pixel then returns back. You keep pressing YES the same keeps happening over and over, and at the end of the day, the alert is still at the same place.

    How do fix this please?

  • hey rex i dowloaded your plugin move to. it worked once and now i can't open my project.....

    can you help me or do i have to do the whole thing aguain ?

  • hey rex i dowloaded your plugin move to. it worked once and now i can't open my project.....

    can you help me or do i have to do the whole thing aguain ?

    What has not being able to open your project have to do with the move-to-plugin?

  • nevermind it works it was on the wrong file. sorry....

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  • move to download link pls

  • hi guys, i tried to download rex's moveTo plugin and installed it.

    but when i open the example file it shows this error:

    what do i do?


    ok now i see what went wrong...i put it into the plugin folder when i should've put into the behaviour.

    my mistake!

  • rexrainbow It appears that the MoveTo.HitTarget event will not work using a Family.MoveTo behavior. Any way to code around that?

  • Hi Rex,

    I'm very grateful for this behaviour. So, to thanks it, I did a c2addon for it:

    https:/ /mega. nz/#!AdJxRAAa!HaXda6NPBNdNpCaaaMgy-8Wx2cfGfbaGnS28LDuEFcE

    You can use winrar (for example) to see inside, or change the name extensions .c2addon to .zip

    And of course, why not put it in c2addon mode? You only will need change the version in XML with Notepad.

    I hope you'll be pleased.


  • cmee

    Uses this tool to install plugins/behaviors. It could download/unzip/put them into right folders.

  • Can I add curve to it?

  • jogosgratispro

    moveTo behavior only could move object on a straight line.

  • locohost

    Sorry for missing this reporting.

    I had not found this bug in my testing, condition: on hit target will be triggered as usually.

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