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  • cow_trix , zenox98

    Uh, yes. The github does not allow user upload file anymore, so I change the download link.

  • Thank you rexrainbow!!!

  • Hello Rex, when an object or family has more than one MoveTo behavior it seems that their speeds are added.


    Object1 has behavior MoveTo with 200 speed and another MoveTo2 with 400 speed.

    Object2 has only behavior MoveTo with 200 speed.

    All objects with 0 acceleration and deceleration.

    If you move them at the same time to the same position using the MoveTo with 200 speed, Object1 will go faster than Object2 (200+400 probably).

    Is this intended or bug? Thank you.

  • Xavier

    MoveTo behavior will get moving distance every tick by speed setting, but it will not remember the start point of current tick.

    So it will move twice (or more) if there is more then one moveTo, one solution is keep only one omveTo activated.

  • Rex

    First of all, I goddamn love your plugins and behaviors!

    I just checked your MoveTo-behavior and maybe noticed a bug.

    I made a simple platform character and added him the MoveTo-behavior.

    With "E" he moves fast 300px to angle 0... works great so far.

    But if you jump and click "E", or if you move into a solid object the character begins to bug.

    Example MoveTo bug

    And most of your download links are wrong, the ".7z" is missing at the end.

    Hope you'll find some time so fix it :)

  • Geru

    The moveTo behavior and platform behavior are collided. MoveTo will stop until it reaches the target, so it will try to move sprite every tick.

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  • Rex

    oh yeah sorry, you're right... :)

    So if I run into a solid, I need detection...

    And for jumping+running I'll need another solution, cause your MoveTo needs X+Y for "onDestination" and Y won't be the same if I jump...

    Well, gonna try this out

    Thank you anyway :)

  • I am excited to try this behavior, but the download won't unzip. It has the proper extension... Where can we download this now?

  • pinkpassion

    I had fix these link in first post. Or you could use my new download tool.

  • Update

    • All links of plugin are changed.
    • Fix Touch wrap's bug.
  • I'm using the Moveto behavior plugin a lot, made by rexrainbow, it works smooth like silk. Just once thing is not perfect: when collide with solid, I can only set it to stop in event. Is it possible to make it glide along the solid collision? similar as the default feature for 8-direction behavior.

  • I'm not completely sure what you're on about, but you should look into using Pathfinder in conjunction with Moveto.

  • I'm not completely sure what you're on about, but you should look into using Pathfinder in conjunction with Moveto.

    I mean when moveto object hit the solid object in a angle, can it slide along the solid object? I have the similar example capx attached:


    I don't want to use Pathfinder in this case since the gameplay/control experience is not I wanted.

  • Calculate the angle the colliding object is coming from and force its movement upwards/leftwards etc based on that information.

  • An exception was thrown rendering this comment. Engineers will fix this shortly!
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