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  • Thanks .

  • is it possible to tween on a certain image point? I want to tween on an angle, around a pivot point.

  • Very grateful to have to have found this behavior. I just started with Construct 3 and LiteTween, and am wondering if there's any way to use the random function (or a random value) in the Target property of the behavior. Thanks in advance and happy holidays.

  • netdzynr

    Sure you can. Just use the action Set target and write your random value

    Best to set both X-Y or width-height even if one of them is the same

  • OK, thanks, but how can this be done with looping (ie Flip Flop, Ping Pong) enabled? I want the Target to continuously change with random values, as opposed to assigning a single random value at start.

  • netdzynr What exactly do want to accomplish?

    You can use the "On tween end" or "On tween reverse end" to assign a new random value and start the tween again

  • What I'm doing is setting the height of a sprite (one value only, not using a point location). I want the sprite's height to continuously animate to different random values, like a bar in a bar chart that constantly changes. I'll look at On tween end, but thanks for letting me know if there's some other method I should use for this. Appreciate your expertise!

  • netdzynr

    Just messing around with this. I made this in C2, I don't know if you can open it in C3

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/fd8w8xgkz0b4e ... .capx?dl=0

  • Cipriux

    OMG, that's perfect, and you even included audio! And I see there's a choose function I didn't know about. Christmas comes early! Thank you so much! (FYI, seems to work fine in C3)

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  • lunarray

    I do not think the capx demonstrative of the Apples, with the function stretch.

    Could you give me the download link?

  • I'm trying to insert a delay between the triggering of an opacity tween of 6 sprite instances. Seems like it should be straightforward, but regardless of what I try, all sprites begin their tween behavior at the time. I have this setup in the event sheet:

    What am I missing?

  • netdzynr

    Condition "For loop" will run in a tick, it won't hold by system wait second action.

  • netdzynr

    The way C2 works is different than most people will find intuitive

    Put the wait in front and set wait time as 0.5*loopindex , or 0.5*(loopindex+1)

  • Cipriux

    Thank you so much -- your solution worked for me. Now I remember reading about the loop delay method somewhere. Many thanks!

  • Cipriux

    OK, I have the wait at the front of the loop. Now I'm wondering how to detect when all the animations are done -- I need to delay any further code execution until the tween of the last sprite has completed. I know it's possible to compare tween values but I'm at a loss to find a way to halt the code. The idea is like this:

    Do some animations

    wait until all animations are complete

    Do more animations

    wait until all animations are complete

    Do final animations

    wait until all animations are complete

    Execute remaining code

    Can you offer a suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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