[Behavior] LiteTween

  • Brilliant plugin! Saved me a load of time implementing them myself. Cheers man!

  • Hello, I extracted the folder into behaviors folder like you mentioned but it's not showing up on my insert new object window. I thought it might be in wrong folder so i copy pasted in plugin in folder but it gave me an error when i open construct2 again so im sure its the right place.. If you could help me get this working it'd be great. Thanks in advance.

    Edit: This is why i need to sleep more, checking for behavior in object window and all.. Please disregard that and thanks for the addon, its awesome!

  • this behavior is pretty buggy

  • xoros

    What bugs are you referring to?

    Just posting such a statement helps no-one, especially

  • zenox98 very basic functionality works, but try to use seek method on run time, for example.

    Each time I try to use this behavior in my projects, everything starts well, but ends up into a weird mess and I have to reimplement all tweening with lerp/clamp or moveTo behavior by rexrainbow (which works very well).

  • I have issues with this too. Just tried to use it the other day, spent a while on it, but went back to the Tween plugin which worked immediately. Bit vague as well sorry.

  • Been using LiteTween for a very long time now, and never had any minor issues. Everything is working like expected.

  • I need the light behavior where I can find it please help.

  • I haven't had any problems with lite tween .. and i use it alot - including the seek feature..

  • xoros

    I'm sorry for not answering quickly, been busy these few months. Can you explain which part of seek doesn't work? I used it quite alot, and I don't find anything wrong with it, so maybe you could post a small capx that introduce the error?


    if you mean the litetween behaviour, it's on the very first post. If you mean the real 'light' behavior, i can't help you :<

  • lunarray

    Thank you very very much for this! I'm going to delete all my button's animations and let my game lighter.

    Pretty awesome for mobile games. Thank you again!

  • lunarray

    I use your behavior for smooth sprite and background travelling in my visual novel project. It's very easy to use and work very well !

    Thank you very much and happy new year ^^

  • Are there any way to apply acceleration and deceleration?

  • Vintehin

    Thank you and happy new year too :>


    Sorry for the late reply. It is not possible to do it with the stock litetween, maybe you can try to tween the timescale of the object while doing tween. But I am quite busy nowadays, so I can't help you by making a small capx for it >.<

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  • i love it

    I cant find the Ping Pong And Stop function :I

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