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  • wow, huge change there. Let me download and test it out!

    lunarray always delivers! :D

  • flemmig : You probably put the folder on the "plugins". It should be in the "behaviors" folder ;)

    lunarray : This is amazing work! Perfect for my needs, and it's good to know we'll be having a more optimized and bug-free code! Seriously, this should be included in the official C2 bundle. And you should name it just Tween, as it isn't "lite" at all :D

    BTW, I'm getting an error if I try to use the "create/initialize" action:

    Uncaught reference error: tweened is not defined (on line 432)

  • There seems to be something in the behavior that utilizes the CPU even when idle. I replaced some easeTween behaviors on one of my projects with liteTween, and noticed that my cpuutilization was constantly hovering at 0.2 even if there was nothing happening. Removing liteTween fixed this, easeTween doesn't seem to cause the same behavior.

    Couldn't replicate it in simple project, sorry, just letting you know. :) Keep up the good work!

  • vee41 this would also affect a future mobile version of a game, itself already quite limited by hardware, right?

  • jayderyu

    Ah, I added that "second(s)" behind the set duration now :>

    Ah yes, found the culprit for the error in 432. Should be fixed now, thanks gamma... :>

    vee41 & NaSTy

    I'm trying to find what is causing that, but I think it must be the onTick event (because it should be there if there is any resource hog), so I did move the "this.inst.set_bbox_changed();" inside the tween state check and removed the now unused "for". Can you check it again vee?

  • I'm trying to find what is causing that, but I think it must be the onTick event (because it should be there if there is any resource hog), so I did move the "this.inst.set_bbox_changed();" inside the tween state check and removed the now unused "for". Can you check it again vee?

    After a quick test in scenario where I encountered it before, problem seems to have disappeared. Really rapid response from you! :)

  • Great vee41 .. thanks lunarray for this AWESOME Behaviour!!

  • hi

    i am new to construct 2 could any one please help me in solving my problem. i started doing a game where i kept a pause button in it when i am clicked on it that would pause.

         The actual problem which i am facing is i have used hover of objects one after the other when i am clicked the objects that would fall down one by one and in between when i clicked the pause button my hover is still working and moving which i need to stop.

    Could anyone help in these please.

    Thanks in advance

  • KPS

    Could you explain that in more detail or in some other way? I don't really understand what you are trying to make...

  • hi lunarray

              i am trying to make a game with moving object using hover.If i particular clicked on the object that would fall down so,there are many objects in it once the object is falling down other object would appear to hover and in same wise if i click it that would fall down.

                My actual problem is when i clicked the pause button hover movements are stopped but it's taking for two objects and doing two actions at a time as like pause and also object falling down.Only the pause button has to work in it not the object falling down.


       If you don't mind i would like you to look down a game which is similar to it in given given below link


    please help me out this

    Thank you once again

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  • KPS

    That car is not done using tween, it is done using Physics. The car itself is a compound object of two wheel, two axle and a body. While the other objects are simply normal physics object.

    As far as I know, physics official plugin didn't have motor objects and prismatic joint yet (you need it to spin the wheel, attaching it to cars etc). I'll see what I can do, but maybe this question is much more suitable for the "How do I?" forum.

  • Great plugin!

    Request: Could you add X only/Y only please?

    I'd like to use two LTs to set X and Y independently. I've attached a CAPX as an example of using two helper objects to move my main sprite, stealing the X from one, and Y from the other. (Lower example. The top example, with it's two LTs should ultimately be able to do the same.)


    Either the Tweened Property could select the option, or an Ignore option for the Relativity setting of the Set target action. Whichever you feel is more appropriate.

    Thank you.

  • blackhornet

    Oh, that can be done with the current LiteTween without any tweak, if you want to tween only X, you set the Y to 0 (relative). And don't forget to set it to compromise mode.

    Is it something like this?

    Shark CAPX

  • Ahhh. I tried different combinations, but not the one Absolute and all the others Relative. Thank you, that's perfect.

  • Hi lunarray,

    I'm using your plugin on my current project and am loving it. One question- I have a group of objects all within a family that I want to tween together. I set the family to have the tweenlite behavior, but then I have to go into each object and manually update the X,Y value for each tween. Is there a way to group objects together so that I can give them one large tween? In the olden days of flash, I would just create a number of MCs within one large MC, and then tween the parent container. I've also tried the built in "container" functionality, but it doesn't seem to work.

    Keep up the good work!


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