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  • Hi! I finished testing the following plug-in. This time it's only a modified Pin.


    1. type: pin by angle, pin by distance and pin by distance&angle.

    2. destroy together: destroy pinned object when destroying a behavior instance.

    I used it to create a behavior for meteorites and other bodies, which revolve around its axis and moving in a straight line. Maybe it could have been done differently, but I could not come up as ... The default behavior is not allowed to repeat Pin this effect, since the angle is also changed following the pinned object.


    1. Create a sprite of meteorite (for example) with Rotate behavior.

    2. Create a hidden sprite with Bullet behavior.

    3. Add to meteorite a jj_pinEx behavior and set type "by Distance" and in eventsheet set the hidden sprite as a pinned object of your meteorite.

    Installing: unpack folder from jj_pinEx.zip to the behaviors directory of your C2 html5 exporters.

  • This does not work with construct 2 r70

  • smitchell

    I've just tested this with the pin example that comes with C2 and it seemed to work for me. I just removed the default Pin behavior and added this one and re-added the pin event.

    Do you get any error messages?

  • Nevermind, i was being dopey :P i put it in the plugins folder when its a behaviour

  • for my plugin list, its the only addon i dont really understand <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    could you add a little description on what it does?

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  • I have a question, I have a text box displaying the enemy's health. When I destroy an enemy I want that text box to be destroyed too.

    Is that what "destroy together" could possibly achieve for me?

    EDIT: Forget it, I just put in another action...still a cool plugin though lol =]

  • I can not download

  • Hi, link is dead now, does anyone have a copy of this plugin? I really need it to open an old project... thanks in advance

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