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  • Thanks. I thought that was probably the case but still best to ask before throwing in the towel.

    I`ve been thinking of moving away from Construct anyway (I don`t like the pricing model for Construct 3) - Think I`ll go check out Unity...

  • RattyRat

    You could also look at another paid for box2d plugin. I think they have that feature there.

    A game engine from scratch is more appealing than unity. At least to me.

  • R0J0hound

    Ooh, thanks, I had never spotted there was another Physics behavior (assume you mean https://colludium.itch.io/box2d-plus ). It does look like it does what I want, I think it is probably worth risking £5.99.

    I still intend to learn Unity, I want more control than C2 gives me, I keep getting off to a good start with my ideas only to get stuck trying to do the fiddly bits. I imagine I`ll end up using C2 for rapid prototyping before writing the full game in Unity (or whatever).

    Incidentally a recent mail from Unity was suggesting you can now make an entire 2D game in it without writing a line of code. Hmmm, well we`ll see!

    Thanks again,


  • RattyRat

    I will say that don't buy the Box2D+ behaviour, I had purchased it and tested it with bike physics, but when I crash the bike into some other object then the wheels just move from the position they are attached to and stay like that only, so I returned it and got refund.

    now I'm back to default physics and I don't have such problems with it and it is much easier.

    you might need it for some other function so buy and test it properly, if it breaks then just email the developer to fix the problem.

  • Drago_18 - Thanks, I`ll make sure I have the time to test it properly before I buy it then. Mind you, one of the examples seemed to do exactly what I wanted.

  • In fairness, Drago_18, you never sent me a bug report so I have not been able to investigate the problem you had. In our last communication you asked me to help you make your bike do backflips and I declined because I didn't have time to make the mechanics of your game for you. Sorry, R0J0hound, it's not my intent to highjack your thread and I won't interject any more.

  • Any new insight on that memory leak R0J0hound? I love this behavior a lot but unfortunately I'm experiencing a severe slowdown for the FPS over time, even when nothing is moving anymore in the scene..

  • Any new insight on that memory leak R0J0hound? I love this behavior a lot but unfortunately I'm experiencing a severe slowdown for the FPS over time, even when nothing is moving anymore in the scene..

    None since my last observation about it. Something that should be deleted isn't because something is keeping a reference to it so it's not being gc'd.

    Anyways consider all my plugins in their final state and won't be updated.

  • Alright!

    Just out of curiosity, have you moved on to some other game engine?

  • Nope, I'll probably go engineless. Presently I haven't been doing much coding at all.

    Since I only code for fun, things like maintaining previous projects fall by the wayside.

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  • Oh Yeah!

    We Found It!

    Thank You All!


  • R0J0hound

    Please check the attached gif


    Attached capx


    I know you are not developing the behavior anymore, but I wondered if you can give any feedback on this. I'm not sure if I placed the joints correctly in chipmunk, but it seems there is no way of getting similar non-breaking rotation as the standard C2 Physics behavior. Is there anything that can be done? Thanks.

  • Instead of setting velocity have you tried adding a motor joint to yellow instead? Or maybe apply a torque if the angular velocity is too low.

    Physics engines don’t seem to like it when you set positions or velocities, but maybe Box2D can handle it better? My best guess why it’s different is the chipmunk library does things differently somehow.

    For best results the engine likes doing stuff with joints, forces and impulses.

  • R0J0hound

    I added a motor joint to yellow, and it did stop it from getting displaced, but red still gets displaced, and yellow also gets displaced if I make the black sprite collide with yellow directly.

    From what I can see the C2 Physics just stops or slows down its rotation to prevent displacement while Chipmunk just rotates regardless, which I guess is a more consistent but with the side effect of displacement.

    I guess it is how it is. Only if the standard C2 Physics had collision filtering per instances of the same object like Chipmunk does. And looking at the files It looks impossible to hack it into the C2 physics behavior.

  • You can also set the strength of the motor. By default it will use up to an infinite force to make it turn. There’s an action to change the setting of a joint by tag. Use “” for the last created joint.

    I forget if there were other settings you could do for other joints. Guess you may need to refer to the chipmunk manual. This plugin is just a wrapper for the chipmunk library. There are things it can do that I’m not familiar with.

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