[BEHAVIOR] Chipmunk Physics

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Simple yet very life-like rag doll made with Physics!
  • justifun

    Use a spring joint instead of a pivot

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  • R0J0hound - its getting closer. but when the click is initated the square wiggles all around till it settles. is there a way i can prevent that?


  • justifun

    It only wiggles a tiny bit for me. Did you set the rest length to 0?

  • hey Rojo, cool plugin.. but most likely I'm using it all wrong...

    first, I can't figure a way to apply an impulse or force at the angle my shooter is facing (so I just did a random angle)

    but how come when the ball bounces off the top it always comes back straight? Opposed to when I left-click and drag/release it, it does the angles correctly?

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/omqseqg848gjq ... .capx?dl=0

  • jobel

    There's a dropdown to select between rect and polar. Select polar and set the angle to shooter.angle and dist to 500.

    For the bouncing adjust the friction. High friction absorbs perpendicular motion on a bounce.

  • Hello Rojo first thank you for your time that you offer us! You are simply the best!

    To my question: is the Chipmunk Behavior the latest version? I saw something on the chipmunk website like v7.0.0?

  • It uses 6.2 or something. It's noted in the first post. That's the latest version that is ported to js.

  • Another question, does this work with cocoon.io canvas+ well? I figured out that canvas+ and box2d.ajsm is very laggy. How much faster is the Chipmunk Behavior vs the box2d.ajsm?

  • No idea really. I only use the HTML export.

    Neither have I measured performance, although some say it's faster.

  • I will test it later for you. I will give you my impressions to this. Are you planning to update to v.7.0. in future? If yes why you dont publish it as an Plugin in Scirra Store? I would pay for this

  • How to apply impulse at Touch.X and Touch.Y like before? i only have "x or angle" and "y or distance". Any idea how to implement like Touch.Position ?

  • I don't really have any plans to update. I'd need to port 7.0 to JavaScript myself. Also I'm not interested in the store.

    You mean apply force toward a point?

    For the force select "polar" and angle(self.x,self.y,touch.x,touch.y) as the angle and any value for the magnitude.

  • thank you that helped! how to implement hinged object for example a rope? i cant get it to work

  • A rope would just be multiple objects connected by maybe pivot joints. Make them all the same collision group or alternate collision layers so they don't collide with each other

  • Thanks! Thats working. I saw at the chipmunk website an video about another type of rope. Two dots was connected with an "rope" and everytime the rope startet warping/stretching/move like an real rope when the dots startet moving. It wasnt connected with multiple parts. Is this possible in Construct 2? If yes can you be so nice and make an capx for us? I would preciate it very much!!

    Here is the link to the Video


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