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    WARNING: this post linked to malware that tried to steal your Construct 2 license. If you ever ran it, please contact so we can revoke and reissue your license.

    So I noticed a lot of you guys (myself included) had been having some trouble turning your exported project into a working application fit to be published to the Google Play Store.

    I've spent the last couple of months working on an application that automates a lot of the process, in my free time.

    Yes, this does automate the dreaded signing and aligning process that fuels our nightmares

    Here it is:

    Link removed by MOD

    How to use:

    • Download the archive and extract it
    • Run APK_Builder.exe
    • Select the folder your exported project is stored in (Remember to have your icons, manifest, splashscreens, etc. in the folder)
    • Fill in the APK signing information (see screenshot 3 for more information)
    • Click the build button
    • Upload your APK to the Play Store


    Obligatory warning for downloading executables from unknown people from a less than reputable source.

    Appreciate your work! Run in sandbox if concerned about viruses.

    Thanks for this, seems to run fine!

    Could someone scan the generated APK's with these two scanners and link the results?



    Be warned, upon running this the program tried to locate the construct 2's license file, and crashed when it didn't.

    I'm not sure if normal licenses are stored in the program files folder since i have early adopter, but if they do, and you've used this software, you might wanna contact Ashley

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    Considering that the text inside includes the line 'C:\Users\Conor\Documents[b]License Grabber\obj\x86\Debug\ConsoleApplication.pdb' which looks extremely dodgy then I think this should be considered a possible threat.

    Unless Tom or Ashley decide otherwise, then until more info is available, it can be left here but extreme user caution is advised.

    Decompiled source clearly indicates that the software's sole function is to grab and send c2license.txt to some server.

    You can verify it yourself by decompiling it with dotPeek.

    Ok. Locking and removing link.

    If you used this program (possibly Invitobox ?) it looks like it could have stolen your license, so please email so we can revoke and reissue your license. Otherwise you risk it being revoked anyway at a later date.

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