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  • Custom Android Tools Plugin v1.6

    Tools List:

    • Show Progress Dialog
    • Hide Progress Dialog
    • Show Alert Dialog
    • Show Exit Dialog
    • Show Toast
    • Get Device ID
    • Check Device Vibrate Support
    • Vibrate Device
    • Share Text/Url
    • Share App File
    • All Markets App Page
    • Avval Market Rate App
    • Bazaar Rate App
    • Bazaar App Page
    • Bazaar Developer Apps
    • Myket Rate App
    • Myket App Page
    • Myket Developer Apps
    • Iranapps Rate App
    • Iranapps App Page
    • Iranapps Developer Apps
    • Cando Rate App
    • Cando App Page
    • Cando Developer Apps
    • Parshub Rate App
    • Parshub App Page
    • Parshub Developer Apps
    • Open Telegram Channel/Profile
    • Open Instagram Page
    • Open Whatsapp Chat With Phone Number
    • Open App With Package Name
    • Open Url
    • Set Screen Brightness
    • Set Screen Orientation (Landscape/Protratit/Reverse Landscape)
    • Set Device Volume (Voice Call/System/Ring/Music/Notification/Alarm)
    • Get Max Volume (Voice Call/System/Ring/Music/Notification/Alarm)
    • Set Ringer Mode (Silent/Vibrate/Normal)
    • Show Dialog With 3 Button (Can Control Buttons Click Listener)
    • Show Input Dialog (Text/Number/Phone Number/Text Password/Multiline Text/Date)
    • Show Custom Toast (Default/Success/Error/Info/Warning)

    Download Link:


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  • This looks great! If this is a collection of Cordova Plugins, wouldn't it suppose to work for IOS too?.

    It's a surprise that you packed all those features in a single plugin. I think it would have been better if it were separated by modules through separate plugins. Although I can't blame you, by the looks of it, it seems as it was a custom plugin originally for your personalized use, you just made public . Thanks for sharing to the community.

  • How do I use this plugin when compiling?

  • How do I use this plugin when compiling?

    you need to add this github when compiling

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