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  • so im trying to add a clock system to my game through which the player will get 1 life back after every 30 mins.

    I dont know how to do it.

    SO a lil help. will be appreciated.

  • A bit complicated to explain...

    Maybe you should check out some tutorials from James Quick ( ... hi240G3W_T) or other tutorials on Youtube...

    Usually it works much better to see what you have to do instead or reading what you have to do.

    Good luck!

    Damn, still can't post URL's due to my 'reputation' being to low <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_confused.gif" alt=":?" title="Confused" />

    Anyway: look for James Quick / Yann Granjon / Scirravideos and many others.

  • This is the section for Completed Addons.

    If you want someone to create an addon, then post a [Request] in the Work in Progress Addons, and someone may oblige.

    If you just want assistance, then you would get a better response posting in the 'How Do I' section.

  • So i tried lookin it up on you tube with name given by u But they don't have any thing on creating a web storage timer.

    And as u suggested Zenox98 i have posted a request in how do i section.

    and which add on r u talking about. Can u be specific.:-)

  • Maybe you can't find anything on the specific terms 'web storage timer', but given your reps, I assume you're new to C2 so I think it would be wise to follow (some of) these tutorials.

    No offense: I'm also a newb on C2 but I learned a lot watching these tuts.

    Maybe in your case the next video would be applicable: Building Games in Construct 2 Part 6- Bonus Points (James Quick).

    Instead of bonus points you can of course use bonus lives.

    Good luck!

  • Try this 3rd pluigin

  • rexrainbow i know this is a dum question. but i have no idea how do i download the plugin from that site.

    thanx for calling me noob. I will send u a link of my game when it is launched.

  • Wow akashlakhotia, hold your horses!

    I wasn't trying to offend you, I was only trying to help.

    Given your reps, I assumed you were a noob: I'm a noob as well!

    If I was wrong: I'm sorry.

  • its ok. and yaaa im kind off noob to coding. soo not an issue

    rexrainbow thanx a lot buddy.

  • rexrainbow to the rescue again. Someone give this guy a medal!

    • always has a simple and elegant solution..

    Nice work Rex, great plugin

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  • rexrainbow hey i tried using ur plugin but i have no idea where do i add the variable name to which it is suppose to add a point after every 30 mins.

    im a newbie to coding. and this is kind of the last stage for my game. sooo can u tell me how do i use it in a simple language cause it is all going above my head.

    it will be a great help

  • akashlakhotia

    The most simple way is using "system condition: every X second", if the HP only counts when game running.

  • rexrainbow i also need it to run it wen the game is off.

    like in candy crush the player gets a life back every 30 mins.

    and im not able to figure out wat commands do i put for that.

  • akashlakhotia

    To get escaped time of game off, you might use rex_time_away plugin. See the document.

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