A prebuilt version of electron ready for Construct 2 games

Latest : 1.8.1


Construct 2 preview

Even if you don’t use any Action, Condition or Expressions from the plugin, you HAVE TO add it to your project in order to make it work.

  • Open Construct 2 > File > Preferences > Preview > Custom Browser
  • Set the path to the custom browser to the electron-prebuilt.exe file where you installed it previously
  • Click OK


  • Download the precompiled Electron version of your choice release page.
  • Extract the zip containing the Electron precompiled wherever you want. (Ex: Electron_Folder)
  • Using
    Kongregate (HTML will not work)exporter. Export to


    Scirra Arcade (HTML will not work) exporter. Download and extract to


  • Run your game by launching Electron_Folder/electron-prebuilt.exe


The page can't load, I have a blank page telling me that I am unathorized

Use preview on LAN. Localhost doesn't work.


0.2.11 Beta (19 KB)



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  • In Nwjs the files have a small protection when the "package" is created, in Eletron if I want to distribute my game, would it be open or do you have a similar solution?

  • Desktop distribution is purely academic without solid support of the biggest desktop storefront on the planet - Steam and its API/Steamworks.

    What's the situation about this in Electron?

    • There is currently no support for Steam, but we have MadSpy in our Discord server (https://discord.gg/dZDU7Re) who is the developer of Steam4C2

      We have already discussed about an integration into Electron and that should not require a lot of time. Though, he doesn't have a lot of time to make this possible. However I've successfully integrated Electron with the Steam overlay feature. I've never tried the Scirra's Steamworks integration.

      This plugin/tool is also Open-source which mean everyone can contribute to it!

      I hope I've answered your qustion.