This is an official addon

This addon is official but is not included within Construct 2 itself and must be downloaded from this page.


Access the Steamworks API from the NW.js exporter.

Version History

Version Size Downloads Released
0.30.4 (Current)
967.83 KB 1,071 Download
957.74 KB 473 Download
860.27 KB 157 Download
775.39 KB 152 Download
459.86 KB 173 Download



0.30.4 Stable (967.83 KB)


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  • Download count2,026 total downloads
  • Latest download count 1,071 downloads of latest version
  • Average download count2 downloads per day average



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  • Hello,Will this plugin get updated to support NW.js 0.43.1? if no , is it safe to downgrade nw.js back to 0.30.4?

  • How am I able to install an older version of NW.js? I am not able to find anything about that online. Just installing it won't do it, but there is also nothing I can delete first before installing it.

  • Overlay works when i test on desktop, but when i test on steam every overlay pops up over game and can't get rid of. Is that normal if game has not been released?

  • WTF is this crap. No install instructions and all it gives you is some web file. This is not a C2 Plugin.

  • What version go's with what SDK? Some more info would be nice. Now when I add the 2 file from the SDK to the the game will not start. Double click nw.exe to start the game or the steam shortcut for the game and it just wont start. I deleted the steam_api64.dll and now the game runs. So what's the problem with adding that file to Fixed. Make sure you do not download newer version of nw.js. Stay at version 30.4

  • Hello, why has not this add-on been updated? There is a newer version of greenworks.

    Will you receive more updates ?.

  • Hey there!

    I'm just curious: does this work with the new "SteamWorks" adaptation of Steam Greenlight?


  • There is a question about the bounce of the steam achievement, I set the achievement on the steam page, then call the greenwork plugin to activate the achievement event and return successfully, but did not bounce the achievement prompt, is this a bug?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi!

    The console shows an error: Failed to require Greenworks: Error: The specified procedure could not be found.

    I installed the recommended version of NWjs, but the problem persists.

  • Hi. I`m using this addon. Achievements works as expected, but i have 2 problems.

    1 - I uploaded the game to the server, all features works, but the overlay does not work with shift+TAB. It works if i call it from addon action only.

    2 - How can i reset progress of achievements without deleting them in steamworks?

    Thank you and sry for my english :P

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