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Google Play Games Leaderboard Plugin


Google Developer Account.

Android Studio

Cordova (version>=5)

Step 1 : Set up you game in Google Developer Console

Step 2 : Create a new Game Services

Step 3 : Add your game's package name under linked apps and you must need the SHA signature for verification

(You can get that by keytool -list -keystore yourkeystore.keystore -alias aliasname)

Step 4 : Add new Leaderboard and copy the Leaderboard Id and APP_ID(12-13 digit number)

Step 5 : Export your game to cordova (uncheck minify scripts)

Step 6 : Create a new cordova project

(cordova create GAMENAME YOURPACKAGE GAMENAME) Package name should be same as you mentioned in Game Services

Step 7 : Head to GAMENAME folder and add cordova leaderboard plugin

(cordova plugin add --variable APP_ID=YOUR_APP_ID)

Step 8 : Build for android

(cordova platform add android)

Step 9 : Open the android project file created in Android Studio

Step 10 : Build the signed APK with same keystore

And you can test and publish your game to Play Store

Leaderboard only works with android after build