Handle UnityAds video ads for Cordova on iOS and Android.

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2.2.0 (Current)
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  • I really like this plugin but i have 1 question. I can set the placement ids for only 2 different types of ads but unity lets me create more than 2 at the same time (also banners). How can i set more different types of ads so that i can have for example a little banner in the menu, a fullscreen banner that pops up after a game level and a rewarded video ad in the game shop?

  • Great ! Perfectly work. Thanks.

  • Hola intento usar el plugin "ultimate ads" y "UnityAds" pero no funcionan juntos, es decir si creo proyecto de construct 2 con uno de ellos el otro no funciona, ¿a alguien más le pasa y puede decirnos como arreglar éste comportamiento?

  • Not working ... phonegap and


    Uh oh!

    Destination "/libs/classes.jar" for source file "/workspace/plugins/com-artemisoftnian-plugins-unityads2/src/android/libs/classes.jar" is located outside the project

  • Can I use it for Which plugin to choose from the list?

  • How can i implement this plugin with Phonegap build?

    The plugin its not compatible with adobe phonegap build!

  • Thank you so much for this plugin! Great work!