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  • Hey, updates are great, but what about some simple 3Dshape angle/camera Z axis function? Just to set 3D objects angle for classic topdown 30/45 view like zelda games or other similar rpgs. Its the only function that keeps me out from developing in 3D. Tried FQZ addon but couldn't figure out how to make it work with 3Dshapes.

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      Do you mean changing the actual camera angle, or using an off-axis projection (i.e. changing the vanishing point)?

      • Doesn't matter for the effect I would like to achieve. It would depend on You, Construct Team, which method would be easier to implement. I would like to make a visual effect like 'Pokemon Games' on Nintendo DS(2D top down sprites, with pseudo paper 3D objects), a CAMERA is rather static there. So I guess an off-axis projection would be the that easier way. I hope it is possible to make and so I keep my fingers crossed for your work!