Social Sharing (Construct 3 Plugins)

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    Basic project with a button, a text field and the social plugin. Has one event, On button clicked -> share(textfield.text.

    Exported as android studio, loaded it up then started a debug session with a samsung s8 attached. Typed a word in the box, hit share and the menu appeared. Also tried the same with xcode and the simulator, still worked.

    I'd say double check your events, then maybe try looking for errors in logcat/chrome... Might create a github repo for this plugin, make bug tracking easier.

    • So you’re sharing the contents of a text field? How does this marry up with the actions Share Subject: {1} Text: {0} URL: {2} ?

      Has your example event been truncated in your reply above as there’s no closing bracket? Any chance you can post a full example somewhere or share a c3p?