A year in the making...

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  • what a glow up

    welcome to the world of devs and of streamers, you have now picked up two new hobbies to do whenever you want.

    also, don't hesitate to make dumb small projects. Lately I've had immense fun spending like 4h in construct and just making something extremely simple that's even barely a game. Just a very quick dialogue system, or a weird platformer mechanic, or a proto for a simple dating sim. All of it with no preparation, and with everything hardcoded without anything smart in it because i'll never come back to it ever

    (if you're not sure what I mean, here are two things I've done that's exactly that:


    youtube.com/watch )

    A lot of the time, a weird idea I had and protoed in like 4h helps me weeks/months later cause I need something similar for another project and it turns out I already did it and I know how to implement it, even if it's kinda badly