iOS Application Development and Publishing with Xcode

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  • Would really like to see an update to Construct where you provide a build service that gives you a ready made app artifact ready to be uploaded to the Apple store, or at least cuts down the additional steps required somewhat. For android it's there, surely you can figure out a similar solution for ios? To be able to use Construct and build ios apps without having a mac would be very useful.

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      While it would be nice to support such an option it's worth noting that Apple only provide 2 options to upload an app archive to the store. Both require having a Mac, and the easiest solution uses xcode. So any gain from being able to build an archive via the build service would be counteracted by that unfortunately.

      • ok, fair enough. But I got access to a virtual mac in the cloud service, exported one of my games to XCode, followed your guide above to run it on a simulator in xcode, tried a few different iPhone versions and all fail saying do not work on simulator due to apple bug, missing web assembly and have to test on real apple device. So, even the above process does not work.

        • sounds like you opened the .xcodeproj file instead of the .xcworkspace file in xcode. even if thats not the case, simply saying "failed due to apple bug" gives zero information on how to solve your problem... but based on "missing web assembly" comment, my best guess is you opened the wrong file.