Performance Tips, for Families, Behaviours and Animations.

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  • Although I'm using C3 now, this gives me a lot of good info to review in my current project.

    I'm using TONS of instances of four different objects (and they're all gathered into a single Family). Each one has its own set of behaviors, too.

    Thank you for this post!

    • Most of these issues has been fixed or significantly improved in C3, with the C3 runtime, but if you're having any performance issues you can test if any of these issues might be the problem. Some doesn't really apply any more like putting sprites together in the same object as c3 builds it's own spritesheet regardless of what object they belong to.

      Some of the issues might still applied, but I haven't done any large enough project lately that needed that level of optimization.

      • I have no doubt that's the case, as I've tried to keep up on Ashley's posts when new runtime stuff is mentioned.......little of it that I understand. LOL

        The difficulty is isolating the issue because I have been working on individual objects and then threw them ALL into the mix at once. So there's already so much to try to isolate. I don't know that I'd know where to begin.