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    This hasn't been documented yet. The documentation for the new bits of the timeline will be available on the next stable release.

    In the mean time, you can set a list of space separated tags on a master keyframe by selecting it in the Timeline Bar and then changing the property in the Properties Bar.

    To later use the tags in an event sheet, look for a few new conditions in the timeline plugin dealing with reaching keyframes, should be easy to spot them.

    • Would it be possible to add a parameter to the timeline action "Set time By Name" to include a "tag field" or a new action that is "set time by tag" so that we could jump to a specific tagged keyframe in the timeline?

    • Thanks Diego, I was looking for some button or something that would label a keyframe, or a special type of keyframe that i could move around with a tag in the timeline window to set where i wanted it to go. Its interesting that it's only tied to a master keyframe because if you want to put a tag somewhere in between two other keyframes it appears you need to set a redundant keyframe on one of the other properties of the object in order to create a master keyframe.