A proposal for Javascript scripting in Construct 3

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  • Great proposal to take advantage of the possibilities of the new C3 JS feature. There is a good educational coding aspect of adding more JS availability to C3, which is very welcome. In addition, Scirra, please also look to the more advanced JS users who this feature also targets, empower them to use the JS feature for very creative gamedev use (keeping with the understandable boundaries of the documented SDK.) For example, the Scriptable Object, Editor Properties Integeration and exposing the Draw replacement function would be very welcome. The changes such as adding a connection between JS/editor props may also make it easier for people to share their JS work with others who are still learning, but could handle dealing with the properties in editor instead of adapting and changing JS code directly. This is similar to how we handle GLSL effects now. We supply parameters / uniforms that game devs can use to modify GLSL shader parameters without having to know the GLSL shading language!