Simple Login using a MySQL database

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  • Hi! Where in my webserver should i upload the php file? public_hmtl? cgi-bin?

    • i know this is an old comment but in case others have the same question in the future, here is what you need to know :)

      1. first of all, public_html and the www folder are usually the same - public_html directory will be a shortcut to your www directory or vice versa. this is known as your websites "root" directory. dont worry about the cgi_bin folder. or any others that are not located within your public_html (www) folder unless you are changing your server configurations and know what you are doing.

      2. if you upload your php file to your public_html (www) folder, your file will be accessible from

      3. personally, i would add an additional directory ie "login" inside of my root directory so resulting directory structure would look like www/login, then add my php file in there. this will make your file accessible at

      hope this helps