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Jan. 3rd - Jan. 10th 2019


+Added Time - 24h Format

One Day lasts 20 Minutes in real time

+Added Tree Generator

Every Tree now looks Different

+Added 3D Effect

Player can walk behind or in front of Trees now, instead of just walking behind the Sprites

+Added Wind, Snow and Leaves

Leaves fall down from Trees now and are affected by 7 Levels of wind strength, which affect the Speed and Angle of a Leaf

+Added Health, Stamina, Food, Water bar and Radar

        1 - Toggle Bars Visibility

        2 - Toggle Radar Visibility

+Inventory Features

Inventory is Closed F

        LMB - Use Item

        MMB - Drop One Item from Slot

        RMB - Drop all Items from Slot

Inventory is Open F

        LMB - Take all Items from Slot

                LMB on Slot - Put all Items into Slot

                RMB on Slot - Add 1 Item to Slot

                Outside Slot: LMB on Slot - Drop one item from hand

                Outside Slot: RMB on Slot - Puts item from hand back to Slot

        MMB - Drop One Item from Slot

        RMB - Drop all Items from Slot

+Inventory Slots are selectable with number keys


+Added Ability to Eat

+Added Crafting Mechanic & Menu

+Added 57 Items


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