Indie Game Devlog - Rabisco #6 (Text Version)

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  • 2 Jul, 2019
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Hi, everyone!

My name is Mateus Sales, I’m indie game developer from Brazil. I’ve been using Construct to make games for the last few years and I love it! Recently I decided to start recording the development process of my games and post them on YouTube, and I’m pretty happy with feedback I’m getting from these videos. But since many people rather read than watch/listen, I decided to make a text version of my devlog video right here. I hope you enjoy it!

In today's episode I’m going to report the progress I made in Rabisco during the last few weeks. By the way, the development is going pretty well, so we will probably have only one or two more posts related to Rabisco before release.

General content

I’m focusing most of my time on producing general content, like levels and different mechanics. Right now the game has 85 levels and 4 new mechanics, including: the fog of war, the pulse beam which is inspired by Super Mario Odyssey, we also have the portal and some slimes.

The fog of war is a completely dark fog which blocks the player's sight. You can only see through the fog if you’re close to a light bulb. Then you will need to memorize the path and walk through the darkness.

The pulse beam, as I said before, is inspired by Super Mario Odyssey. It will shoot a square shaped ray every few seconds.

Personally, I was very interested in creating the pulse beam because it was a good opportunity to use the 9 patch plugin. A nine patch is a bitmap image with different scalable areas. This is also very handy for creating dialog boxes.

The portals are very suggestive, they will teleport you to a different position in the map. When you start to overlap a portal, it will display a target icon, which is where it’s going to take you to.

The slimes will appear after you stepped on one of these “sewer hatches”. They’re kind of a “one-touch-only” blocks, like the smudges in Celeste.

And I’m still trying to combine as many mechanics as possible in a frequent basis. Here we have laser guns with portals, portals hidden beneath crates, slimes with flame balls, and much more.

UI improvements

Aside from general content, I also did some massive changes to the game menus and a few tweaks to the HUD. Every option tab of the menu now has a cute icon and an smooth motion tween animation.

About the HUD, now we have a notification system for things like unlockable items. You just call the function and type whatever you want.

There’s also auto adjustable text boxes for NPCs and hint boxes for interactable objects.

And that’s about it for now, but before we end up this post, I think we should listen to a couple of songs from the soundtrack.


This one is called “Meu Amigo”. Yoann, the musician, and I are very close friends. During one of our conversations, Yoann called me “mon ami”, which means “my friend” in french, and I called him “Meu Amigo”, which also means “my friend”, but in brazilian portuguese. Then he decided to make this song as a tribute to our friendship.

This one is called “There’s a Cloud”. It’s not a very cheerful song, however it still is one of my favorites, because it reminds me of The Carpenters, which probably are my favorite duo of all time.

I still have plenty of work to do, like sound effects, levels and cutscenes. But I believe everything will be ready in a month or two.

If you would like to support the game development, please consider joining any tier on my Patreon page. Thank you very much for reading and farewell.


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  • You are the example for the community!

    Great game!

  • Fantastic post! Rabisco is looking great, also!

  • Great game, great dev 👏

  • Hey BonzerKitten

    Roughly, what is the cost to have C3 game ported to Switch or XBox using the Chowdren or Ratalaika Games?


    • You have to understand that neither MP2 Games nor Ratalaika Games wish to make an statement on pricing in public. Also anyone who wants to work with them, probably has to sign contracts that prohibits such things.

      It really depends on the scale of your project, but I guess they're more interested in a revenue-share than a one-time payment. Plus all the console manufacturers like Nintendo and Sony have strict quality control processes.

      Just focus on your game right now and take your time to polish every detail. When you're ready, contact MP2 and Ratalaika by email and then negotiate with them to see which one serves your needs.