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  • 8 May, 2020
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Okay there is nothing super or special about this blog post, but coming up with titles is hard.

Happy Friday folks! It’s a bank holiday here in the UK, but I’m still writing this blog post for you, aren’t you lucky?!

The main thing to report this week is that I finally figured out my scrolling menu example! Basically, you have nine options in a list to scroll through, with only six on the screen at any one time. So, the text options move up and down to show others in the list and the selector cursor moves as the list is scrolling. It’s a basic implementation, but it works, and uses functions to tidy up the events so I’m happy with it.

Need to make sure it’s fully commented, and then I’ll update the menu tutorial to include it, so look forward to that next week.

And, now that I’ve figured out list scrolling, that should be useful for the inventory system. Chances are in a large game, an inventory page will end up holding more than say the 25 or so items I’ve currently got slots for on the screen. So we’ll need a way to scroll through them. With any luck, this method will be applicable to that, or at least give me a good starting point.

I’ve not done as much work on my game this week as I probably should have, I got distracted jumping down a rabbit hole looking at how to use game development to teach maths. It’s an interesting concept actually, and I’m enjoying the research.

Normal service should resume next week, I’ll jump back into trying to build the inventory so I can try and get that done soon. In the meantime, have a good weekend wherever you are!


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  • Once when I was seven years old I sat on a banana, and of course, that changed my life.

  • Ok stay home

  • Omg Dude this is Awsome

  • Hi Laura.

    From what I understand, lists are a bit complex to do, so it will be interesting to see your take on it.

    Funny you should mention teaching maths. My latest game is a simple maths game for younger kids. Should be finished today actually.

    Thanks for the updates and all the best!


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      It's probably not the most elegant way of doing it, but it's working and it's a good starting point. So I hope some people at least find it useful! I'm hoping to get the example project up today or tomorrow.

      I saw your post about your game on the forums, nice job!