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  • 2 Oct, 2020
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Howdy folks, just a short blog from me today!

Last week I was talking about how it's not always easy to combine two smaller projects into one cohesive one. Well, the good news is, I managed it! The test version of my crafting system is FINALLY done!

Now, I have a system which builds on my existing inventory and allows you to do basic crafting if you have the correct items in your inventory. And it largely resembles the sketch I did in my plan. Some of the functionality is different, for instance using an array instead of storing the recipe info in the master JSON file.

Actually, making this small change made a lot of things much easier for me. Sure, I could have used the JSON file to pull out all of the relevant information but having it all stored in an array is much simpler to manipulate. Mainly because I don't need to figure out how to pull out deeply nested data!

Plus, it means I can store all of the relevant IDs and item names to use for animations and variables directly alongside their recipe. The ideas are then matched to the master item file, so I've not completely ditched the JSON! The array also gives an easy way of allowing crafting recipes to have different numbers of ingredients.

It's going to be fun to see how these mechanics fit into the main game file, but first, this needs tidying up and a full set of comments added. So, if there is anything amiss in this project, now would be the time to let me know, before I start writing the tutorial!

Have a good weekend!


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