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  • 28 Feb, 2020
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Boy, am I glad it’s Friday. It’s felt like such a long week!

This week’s focus has mainly been on the Make a Thing stream I did on Tuesday, where I created the more polished version of the Clicker game built earlier in the month. The stream was a success, the game worked really well and I’m looking forward to getting the finished video up onto YouTube for you.

However, there is a tiny snag in that. Unfortunately, Twitch flagged up the video from Tuesday’s stream as having proprietary audio in it. What that means is, that the first 12 or so minutes of the stream is muted, cutting off my introduction which is a bit annoying. I am in the process of appealing, (because I use a service specifically designed to provide royalty-free music for streamers) but it does mean that there’s going to be a delay to that video going up on YouTube until this is all sorted.

On a lighter note, it was really nice to be able to finish the Make a Thing stream on Tuesday and have a functioning, nice-looking game by the end of it. I think the format works and gives us good content showing how to do different things in Construct. If I’ve got the time, I might make a tutorial off the back of it, which may be some words, it may just be me sharing the video and project files, we’ll see.

In terms of my long-term project, progress is slow, but it is continuing. I’m still working through the slog of refactoring my NPC code – I’ve been having a nightmare time trying to get them all to work independently again. However, I think I’m about there with all the basic movement events, so I can focus now on cleaning up the interactions and dialogue before adding the new dialogue system. Granted, this is all in a test project so once it’s working, I have the joy of porting that into my actual game file. FUN!

Now, it’s almost the end of February, so it’s about time I shared the schedule for next month’s streams!

I’ll be sticking to the same format, so starting with the Construct Twitch Jam this coming Tuesday and then alternating between Make a Thing and Big Game Dev. Although depending on how my game progresses, and what I pick for the next Make a Thing, I may swap the second BGD out. But I will post any schedule changes here and on the Scirra socials.

And, if you don’t want to memorise these dates and what we’re doing, then you can always follow us on Twitch and make sure you turn on notifications so you’ll know when we’re live!


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  • I really need to get around to watching some of the Construct team VODs! Unfortunately I am unable to watch the streams on Tuesdays as I am away that day every week.

    Sucks about the content ID thing. But there's some really shady stuff that goes on regarding royalty free music sites sometimes. People have actually used music in their games from sites like Pond5 as developers (and the license allows it that they paid for) and randomly everyone that streams/records videos of it on youtube gets content ID challenges/demonetized, because for some strange reason those sites think it is fair to add those tracks to the content ID system. Seems completely broken :(

    Luckily I write my own music, so I really don't need to rely on services to provide music for the very occasional stuff I put on youtube, and the soundtracks for games I work on (don't have the bandwidth to stream).

    Anyway hope your appeal for that works out!