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  • 17 Mar, 2020
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Phew. Sorry this is late, you can thank my wonderful internet for that. Hope you’re all staying safe wherever you are, the world’s going a bit mad wouldn’t you say?

Last week I did another Make a Thing stream focussing on an Endless Runner type game. Yes, there is already a Runner template on the C3 start page. No, I did not recreate it on the stream. Where the start page template uses platforms of varying width to provide obstacles, I created a runner more like the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game. So, the player stays in the same spot and obstacles at different heights fly towards them.

Eliminating the player movement made the game a LOT easier to program as I didn’t have to think about potential arguments between the Platform and Bullet behaviors. Huzzah!

Normally, I’d stick the link to the YouTube video in next, but thanks to the Twitch muting saga, I’m a bit behind on my editing. BUT. You can have the second Clicker Game episode of Twitch Abridged which is finally live after I had to re-record the intro.

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You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve FINALLY finished the refactor project for my NPCs. The dialogue system now works beautifully with them and should easily be able to handle in-battle text when I actually start designing the battle system. I have started to port the new code into the main game project and it’s going mostly well. Just have a few little bugs to sort out.

Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, I’m having to change the stream timetable. At Scirra, we’ve decided it’s best if we work from home and because I live in the dark ages, that means no streams. To put it into perspective, it took me about 8-9 hours to upload that episode of Twitch Abridged embedded above.

This does free me up a little bit to work on other things, so I’ll be writing little guides to go with the Make A Thing streams and then sharing them as tutorials. I can also finally get to work on writing the final part(s) of the JSON dialogue course covering branching and changing dialogue. I'll keep you guys posted on when I'm getting back into streaming though!


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