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  • 6 Mar, 2020
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Happy Friday guys, it’s almost the weekend!

This week I tackled the second edition of the Construct Twitch Jam, and aside from ruining my audio settings for the stream, it went really well! The Bafta YGD Ideas Generator gave us some interesting themes to work with:

  • Environment: Castle
  • Genre: Action
  • Objective: Complete the Puzzle
  • Rule: Avoid Enemies
  • Wildcard: Multiplayer

There was no way multiplayer was ever going to factor in this because I have no idea how it works, so that left four themes to work with. What I ended up with was a block-based puzzle game where the player had to move blocks onto buttons around the level to open doors, while avoiding enemies. If an enemy spots you, that’s it, game over, you’re back to the starting point. The ‘game’ itself is up on the arcade (with my very messy .c3p file) if you want to go take a look, and the abridged version of the stream is now live on YouTube!

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Next week, the Make a Thing stream will make a return, and I’m going to look at doing an Endless Runner type of game, so you’ve got that to look forward to. And Twitch STILL haven’t reviewed my appeal on the audio for the last Make a Thing stream, so if nothing comes of that by next Tuesday, I’ll just record a little intro and get that episode of Twitch Abridged published.

Nothing really to report on my own game currently, hopefully I’ll have something to share with you in the next couple of weeks!

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